5 Reasons to Create a Prayer Space with your Kid

5 Reasons to Create a Prayer Space with your Kid

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Have you ever wondered about the point of creating a prayer space for your kids when they can pray anywhere, anytime? I mean, God has zero boundaries - He is everywhere  - so what’s the deal?  My kids have had prayer spaces for several years, and I’ve witnessed how intentional time in their prayer space has impacted their prayer life. Read on for my Top 5 reasons to create a prayer space with your kiddo.

#1: Show them that Prayer is a Priority in your Home

We can talk til we’re blue in the face, but we can all agree that actions speak louder than words. For example, how many of our homes have TVs the size of Texas in multiple rooms - yet since you’re here - I’m confident you’d tell me prayer holds a higher priority than Disney+.

I’ve found carving out physical spaces in our home for prayer and spending time there with my kids helps them realize the value we place on prayer. We are not just talking about it or fitting it in a quick thank you before meals; we’re committed to prayer, believe in its power, and have created space for it in our home.

#2: Build the Habit of Unplugging to Hear God

Our kids live in an ‘always on’ world. Not only can they stream whatever they want, whenever, but they also have devices that enable them to stay connected everywhere. Kids entertainment brands’ goal is to lead kids into a virtual cycle and keep them there as long as possible. There is strategy and science behind how our children are targeted, so it’s our job to teach them how to unplug and why it’s important.

Separating ourselves and tuning out all the ‘noise’ to hear God’s voice is a skill that even adults struggle with! The enemy doesn’t have to do much to take us out of God’s will if he can just keep us distracted. Having a sacred space to retreat to and cultivating the habit of unplugging to spend time with Jesus at an early age will stick with them as they grow.

#3: Help them Stay Focused 

How many times have you sat down to do something, only to get up five times to gather all the things you discovered you need? It’s frustrating and slows you down, right? Now add little people to the mix. It’s like herding cats to get them where they’re supposed to be, and then you have to pause to find a pen. Or better yet, you’re hollering for them to come back because you asked them to grab their Bible, yet you hear a basketball bouncing in the kitchen. 

Don’t do that to yourself, friend. Creating a prayer space with everything my kiddos need stashed nearby sets the stage for a focused prayer time and allows them to be still without interruption. The area itself is also a mental cue that their brains learn to recognize. When I’m in this space - it’s time to spend time with Jesus. 

#4: Makes Prayer Tangible

Prayer can seem so mysterious. By creating a prayer space for my littles, they get to experience a physical place to discover the wonder of prayer through various senses. The tools in our Prayer Space Kit helps us explore big concepts, while keeping them engaged in the multisensory experience. They get to enter their special area, sort through the cards, look things up in their Bible, and tape reminders to the wall. There’s a lot for them to be involved with while they’re learning different ways they get to talk with God.

I’ve also noticed, along with other parents who have shared with me, that the space becomes a physical place of comfort for children. Prayer invites presence, and our littles learn to crave the kind of comfort only the Holy Spirit provides. Once they realize they can access His presence on their own - game on!

#5: Makes Prayer Personal

I want my kids to grow their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and begin to recognize His voice and ways for themselves. Involve your little one from the beginning, from picking a spot to the setup - it gives them a sense of ownership, and they will linger in prayer longer. Give them some freedom to make the space their own and add pictures of family and friends they can include in prayer. In time, they’ll have their deepest desires and promises from God tucked away in the sacred space they’ve created, and with every visit, they get to discover more of themselves through the eyes of the One that created them.

Now a word for the borderline OCD Mamas like me out there. Your kids will not set everything up perfectly how you would - let that be okay! My son doesn’t let crooked pictures or bent paper slow him down, which drives me INSANE. I do all I can to keep the focus on Jesus and not the fact that I’m dying a little inside every time he misjudges how much space he has left on the card and starts squishing everything together, then tapes it to the wall front and center in all its jumbled glory. <It’s a problem, y’all, I have a problem> 


So there you have it, from my experience with my kids! I have a feeling you’re going to be on Amazon ordering throw pillows and Bible highlighters after realizing the benefits of creating a prayer space with your child! I know what a difference it makes, so I want to help get you started. CLICK HERE to get my FREE Digital Prayer Space Kit for Kids. Download, print, and you and your kiddo will be starting your prayer party in no time! I’ll also hop into your inbox and walk you through ways to use the tools in the coming weeks. Oh, and one last thing, go ahead and add those fun string lights to your Amazon cart; your kids will love them in their prayer space!

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