Hey there, I’m Jennifer!

Most days you can find me Zoom ready from the waist up, with - you guessed it - yoga pants on bottom. But...it doesn’t end there. My trusty ole house shoes that are worn to the sole are my other go-to!

<<<---You never know, I could be wearing them in this pic! 😉

I’m the Disney Marketing Coordinator for a large retailer, who’s thankful to now work from home. I spend my time creating strategies & implementing campaigns to lead kids into the virtual cycle of ‘always-on’ entertainment. The more they watch, the more toys, tee’s and toothbrushes with their fav characters end up in your house!

The Lord has positioned me in a unique role (isn’t that just like Him!), to clearly see where we’re headed and the need for us to make God a priority in our children's lives.

I explain it like this….

‘My job is to draw kids into the virtual cycle of never enough. My heart is to draw kids into the presence of God who is more than enough.’

I am mostly known for my work with Disney, but the thing I’m most passionate about in life is teaching kids (including my own) how POWERFUL prayer is.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

I’m an introvert working to stretch my extrovert wings ever so awkwardly * I complain about the Texas heat like I wasn’t born here * I tend to get carried away with exclamation points!! * Laughing is my favorite (and my hubs is the funniest!) * The ocean is #1, but set me next to any peaceful water and I’m a happy camper

Still here? Let’s connect! I promise to not flood your inbox, I'll pop in a couple times a month to keep this prayer party going!