It feels like an uphill battle

I get it! A lot is competing for our time and attention. BUT, we can slow down and teach them. It’s up to us parents to do it. Now is the time to...


Separate yourself to hear God's voice. Unplug from screens & make space for Him in your life.


Take time to honor the Lord and let the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth.


Bring Heaven to earth through the Lord's mighty power at work within you.

I bet you're thinking... Sounds great, but how?

STEP 1: Create a dedicated prayer space for your child.

<<Keep scrollin' to check out the kits that make this easy peasy 🍋 squeezy>>

STEP 2: Consistently spend time in their prayer space.

Easier said than done? No worries, I've got your back! Sign up below, and I'll meet you in your inbox to lead the way and cheer you along!

STEP 3: Watch your kids grow spiritually.

Here's Two ways to get Started

Which one is right for you?

Digital Prayer Space

Download & print your digital Prayer Space Kit to get started today! Get your little one involved with cutting to prepare their special place and, you'll be part of the prayer posse in no time! (cardstock recommended)

Prayer Space Kit

I’ve done the work for you and added FUN accessories your kiddo will love! Choose a boy or girl kit, each with multiple shield color options. Have it delivered to your front door so you can start your prayer party!

What People are saying

in a time when our kids are being told cultural lies about everything, your ministry takes them to the ONE who cannot lie. It gives them power to go to the source for truth and love and direction.

Lisa S.

The professionals {my kiddos} explain it all

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