Raising Spiritual Warriors: Unleashing the Power of Prayer in Your Children

Raising Spiritual Warriors: Unleashing the Power of Prayer in Your Children

Imagine this: your kiddo is suited up in a tiny suit of armor, shield in one hand, sword in the other. Sounds cute, right? Like an epic battle is about to go down in the pillow fort, ahem, I mean 'castle,' that's been cluttering your living room for two days. My guess is a scene is playing in your mind as you read this, of a time when your little one contended to save their imaginary kingdom. Oh, the memories!

Well, today I'm here to shake things up a little and challenge us to look at these cuties in a new way - the way God sees them. It's difficult for us to see anything other than the adorableness of these little people we're raising, but it's important that we realize the incredible privilege and responsibility of raising up a generation that knows they are spiritual warriors and God's plan is for them to fight alongside us in this battle.

Once our children see themselves as warriors, they begin to grasp the truth that they are mighty and powerful when connected to God. Prayer becomes their weapon, their source of strength, and their means of communication with their Creator. It's a concept that can transform their lives and shape their spiritual journey from an early age.

Equipped with their armor of God, they step into the truth of their identity - a mighty warrior.

This is where the fun comes in! With your guidance, your kiddos' prayer space can transport them to a training ground where they learn to wield their weapons effectively and tap into the unlimited power of their heavenly Father. It's like their own secret headquarters, where they'll spend time receiving divine intel, learning to recognize their Commander's voice, celebrating their wins, and finding comfort when they're wounded.

This is exactly why I included kid characters decked out in armor and a shield in each Prayer Space Kit. It's about more than just being cute or fun; it's about helping our children visualize themselves as warriors and embrace their role in the spiritual battle.

With a dash of imagination, you can lead your little in combat exercises. {I love a good theme to run with...and your kids do too!} Each prayer prompt card provides a 'training module' for you and your young warrior to work through as they hone their skills. We rotate through these at our house as we spend time in their prayer space, digging a little deeper each time.

Ask - Gathering Intel, Expressing Needs, and Seeking Help

Just like a warrior needs information, provisions, and resources before going into battle, our children can ask God for wisdom, guidance, and everything they require to fulfill their purpose. Encourage them to boldly bring their requests, desires, and needs before God, knowing that He is their ultimate source. Encourage your child to ask God for insight into their daily challenges, inviting Him into their lives as the ultimate source of information and guidance.

Listen - Learning their Commander's Voice

To be powerful warriors, our children need to develop the vital skill of hearing God's voice. Teach your child the importance of creating space for God's voice to be heard. Through prayer, they enter a place where they can actively listen as He imparts guidance, comfort, and instruction. Their prayer space becomes a training ground, where they grow in their ability to hear and obey the voice of their Commander. By actively listening, our little warriors become familiar with the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit, empowering them to make wise choices and navigate life's challenges.

Thank You - Celebrating Wins, Gratitude, and Praise

Gratitude is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of our young warriors. Encourage them to express gratitude to God for His goodness and faithfulness. When they celebrate their wins - big or small - they develop an attitude of gratitude that strengthens their faith and fosters a deeper connection with their Heavenly Father. By celebrating victories, they cultivate a heart of gratitude and recognize God's hand at work in their lives. Within their prayer space, they can rejoice in the triumphs, knowing that their connection with God is a source of strength and victory.

Give It To God: Finding Strength in Prayer

Life can be tough, and our kids will face battles of their own. That's why it's crucial to teach them to give their worries, fears, and wounds to God. He is their refuge and strength, ready to heal and protect them in times of trouble. Encourage your child to pour out their heart to God, casting their burdens upon Him. Teach them that in surrendering their wounds to God, they open themselves to receive His peace, healing, and restoration. Their prayer space becomes a refuge—a place where they find solace, comfort, and healing. By giving it all to God, they tap into His power and experience the strength that comes from relying on Him.


As we take this journey with our children, let's remember the significance of prayer in their development. Prayer is not merely a religious ritual; it's the conduit through which they connect with the Almighty. It's where they find their true power, where they receive divine guidance, and where they experience the tangible presence of God. It's a sacred place where their connection with God deepens and their faith soars.

I want to share a thought-provoking book that was shared with me a couple of years ago (if you haven't read it, I HIGHLY recommend it!). I love the way the author brought to life the role our children play in the spiritual battle. "The Final Quest" by Rick Joyner is a captivating narrative that highlights the significance of even the youngest warriors in the Kingdom.

In one powerful scene, Joyner describes a little girl who appears insignificant to the natural eye but possesses a vital role in the battle against darkness. This portrayal reminds us that God's perspective is not based on physical stature or age. He sees the potential and strength within our children, even when we may underestimate it ourselves.

The quote from "The Final Quest" captures this truth beautifully: "The little girl represents the pure and simple truth of the gospel, which is that if we will humble ourselves as little children, we will find our true greatness in the Kingdom."

Isn't that incredible, Mama? Our children, in their innocence and humility, carry a profound impact on the spiritual realm. They possess a unique ability to connect with God and release His power through prayer. Their prayers are not to be taken lightly, for they hold the potential to shake the very foundations of darkness.

My hope is that your kiddo's Prayer Space serves as a tangible reminder of the importance of training our children to be warriors for God. Through prayer, they tap into a source of power and strength that transcends their age. They have access to heaven now, in the present moment, and can experience the transformative work of God in their lives. They are not just passive observers in the Kingdom; they are active participants in the spiritual battle alongside us.

Remember, moms, our children may appear as our sweet, cuddly littles to us, but in God's eyes, they are chosen vessels, called to be warriors in the spiritual battle. Let's raise them up with this understanding and train them to be bold, courageous, and prayerful.

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