6 Christ-Centered Easter Basket Stuffers

6 Christ-Centered Easter Basket Stuffers

I have a confession. I’m ‘that’ Mom. Some call it being ‘extra,’ but I call it FUN!!! Cute gifts, themed activities - oh yeah, that’s me!! So naturally, I’m pretty pumped about Easter and already planning what to fill my kiddos Easter baskets with. But, another thing about me is….I’m always gonna find a way to bring it back to Jesus. Yeah, yeah - my kiddos will get some candy, but I love finding gifts that are going to last long after the sugar rush and temporary tattoos. I’ve found some incredible Christ-centered goodies through the years, so wanted to share 6 of my favorites {in no particular order} to help you fill your little ones basket with meaningful treats this Easter! {Click the images to shop}


1. The Gospel Changes Everything Family Devotional Cards from Tiny Theologians

Tiny Theologians has INCREDIBLE resources for kiddos! We don’t have these cards yet, but several others from them and I trust their teaching. They are great for conversations at the dinner table or time in your kiddos prayer space! Here’s what they have to say about the cards: 

This set of 30 cards walks you and your family through the whole message of the Gospel, covering everything from humanity's fall into sin, our personal need for a Savior, God's saving grace in Jesus, and the new life he calls us to live as a result. Each day your family will take a bite-size piece of the Gospel message, see it in Scripture, read a helpful explanation, discuss it using the kid-friendly questions, and then take time to pray using the prayer-prompt.


2. Prayer Space Kits from Sacred Stance

Okay - I may be biased - but gifting Prayer Space Kits for Easter seems like the perfect fit to celebrate the love of a Savior who took on the sins of all mankind – so that we could have a relationship with Him and a future home in heaven.  Picture it. After the eggs hunts, chocolate bunnies and working so hard to get everyone to church Easter Sunday without messing up their outfit before a family pic {I know, the struggle is real} - you get to continue the story. Set up a prayer space with your kiddo and teach them about the gift that came after Jesus left the earth and how they have access to 'power up' through the Holy Spirit.


3. Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids by Sarah Young

We have this book and I love the way it's written as if Jesus is speaking directly to my kiddos {and sometimes me}. Each devotion is short, but powerful - the perfect way to begin or end their day. There is also a boy and girl version that I haven’t read through, but I’m sure it follows the same pattern. Here’s what Amazon has to say: 

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids focuses on the biblical promise of peace, which can be experienced at any time and in all circumstances. With peace-filled reminders from the Word of God, these devotions will intimately and gently connect your children with Jesus, the One who meets them where they are. Written as if Jesus Himself is speaking directly to the reader, this devotional will engage your children and tweens and help them find lifelong encouragement in Him.


4. People in the Bible Conversation Cards Bundle from Kids Read Truth


Have you realized I love activities that get the fam talking? These conversation cards make it so easy to explore the stories of people from God’s Word while sitting around the dinner table or again, in their prayer space.. Here’s the details from their website:

The front of each card is filled with hidden (and not-so-hidden) clues about each person. Can you figure out who it is before you flip it over? The back of each card has simple and engaging questions, Bible references, prayer prompts, and activities for your family to use. Each person’s story points kids to an important truth about who God is and how He cares for His people.


5. My God Says Truth Cards from Not Consumed

Our family has done a couple studies from Not Consumed and I’m a big fan. I can tell a Mama who understands kids and how their brains work created all the materials. As I was searching for new things for my kiddos, these caught my eye {there's other 'My God Says' products as well, the stickers look fun!}. Check out this description:

We are surrounded by this world's ideas. We are pressured, looked down on, challenged, and even laughed at, especially as Christians. Our My God Says Truth Cards provide kids with God's truth, enabling them to respond confidently to the situations or questions they encounter every day, especially when it comes to their own feelings.

Each verse in the 75 card set is categorized under one of 15 feelings discussed in the My God Says Life Journal. Whether using these cards on their own or along with the journal, your child will see how God's truth affects their life every single day.


6. Bible 

I know. Maybe this is a no brainer, but I remember getting a white Bible with my name embossed in gold letters on the bottom right of the cover one Easter. It was a special gift and I still cherish it. So whether it’s upgrading to a personalized Bible  {check Etsy out, things have come a long way since embossing!} or moving up to a more advanced version because your kiddo is aging out of their current one, Easter is the perfect time to do this.


Well, that's all I got! I hope you found some new ideas for Easter baskets this year. Make sure to toss a few Peeps in and you’ll be all set! Have fun keeping your kiddos eyes on Jesus!

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